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Welcome to my portfolio! I hope you are able to see the unposed raw emotion, genuine laughter, and close CONNECTION. That's my angle. I want you to come as you are, whether it's your family, a couple in love, a mama to be, or just you! We'll laugh, run around, play, maybe even cry. It'll be like a close friend is capturing your STORY for you.

I want when you look back at your photos, that you remember the FEELING at that exact moment from the day you recieve your gallery, or 60 years from now. I want to help freeze those moments in time so that you can hold on to them a little longer...so that one day, when you look back on your photos, you remember how that hug felt, how that smile made you feel warm inside, how much running around in an open field felt like the happiest day of your life, or how safe and loved you felt in that moment. I want YOU to see and to have a constant reminder every day how beautiful your life is.

Watson Family

Lawrenceville, GA


Roswell, GA


Little Tart Bakeshop

Martin Family

Arabia Mountain

Powell Family

Roswell, GA

Mama + Mini

Marietta, GA

Early Family

Arabia Mountain Park

Ledbetter Family

Roswell, GA

1st Birthday

Roswell, GA

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Capturing Memories

Our memories and the moments they're made of are what we carry with us throughout our lives, and they are the center of telling our stories. It's what makes us who we are. What better way to honor those memories than by creating a constant reminder of that?

Bring your family, friends, or partner, and come meet me at sunset where we’ll capture those memorable moments between you and your favorite people.

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