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Hi, Hey, Hello! I’m Rena, full-time photographer, wife and mom of a bubbly little girl. Like most mamas, I know exactly how it feels wanting to hold on to every minute, every second, every tiny little moment. Becoming a mom inspired the artist in me and allowed me to appreciate those small minute moments. I saw life differently. That's exactly why I decided to become a photographer.

I want to help freeze those moments so that you can hold on to them a little that one day, when you look back on your photos, you remember how that hug felt, how that smile made you feel warm inside, how much running around barefoot felt like the happiest day of your life, or how safe and loved you felt in that moment.

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Our memories and the moments they're made of are what we carry with us throughout our lives, and they are the center of telling our stories. It's what makes us who we are. What better way to honor those memories than by creating a constant reminder of that?

Bring your family, friends, or partner, and come meet me at sunset where we’ll capture those memorable moments between you and your favorite people.

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“The beauty of a moment is in its fleeting nature”

What Clients Are Saying

Latrina J.

“Wow! Where do I begin…I reached out to Rena because of the natural aesthetic of her photography...She truly captured his essence. On top of that, she was very sweet and professional. Would absolutely use her again!”

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