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Let’s get to know each other

Welcome, My name is Rena Durham

Hi! So glad you're here! I'm Rena, short for Morena. I have more nicknames than necessary...with family, I'm Ria, Momo, or Rena at some point, but my favorites so far are “Mama” to little one's and “babe” to my husband of seven years and best friend of 12 years. I am an Atlanta Native and have never lived anywhere else, though I dream of living in the USVI where some of my family members are from. I spend most of my days homeschooling and cuddling my little ones, while also working from home. I'm also an introvert so I spend a lot of time on Amazon and mini trips to Target/IKEA. 

When I'm not behind the camera or editing, I'm homeschooling my kid or finding ways to explore our city. I spend A LOT of time at home with my family, so they are my everyday inspiration for documenting genuine love and connection. Time with them is what I treasure more than anything, and I never want to forget how it feels for my little girl to run towards me, arms open wide with a huge smile, or how my baby boy loves to cuddle before nap time. My husband and I just stare in “awe” at how fast our babies are growing. I'm sure we share the same feeling many families and you have of wanting to slow time down and just be still in those time-fleeting, precious moments. That’s where I want to come in for YOU. I want to help freeze those moments in time so that you can hold on to them a little longer, so that one day when you look back on those photos, you remember how that hug felt, how that smile made you feel warm inside, or how safe and loved you felt in that moment. I want to help create a constant reminder for you of just how beautiful your life is, in all the tiniest and biggest of moments.

Family Images Above By: Brandi Ali Photography

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